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2012-02-19 - 080-02 - Born This Way - The Purpose of Marriage

Published February 19, 2012

Producer Jeff Mikels


Reviewer: divinoromance - - June 6, 2013
Subject: Speaking the Truth in Love
He's taking the hard to take stand of timeless truth. Homosexuality is not only against the Bible and major religions, it's against Darwinian evolution. Homosexual couples can only adopt, they can't procreate.
About this message, It's refreshing to hear this truth when society around us seems to be going crazy. He is not pushing hate speech, but like prophets of old, he is speaking truth to help curb society's downward inclinations.
No fancy media, just talking. Maybe could use more than just speaking.
Reviewer: Lafayette Community Church - - December 19, 2012
Subject: Not hate
I understand that some people may perceive this as "hate speech," and there certainly are churches out there promoting anti-gay sentiments, but I honestly don't think someone could seriously listen to this message and conclude that we are a church that is either anti-gay or speaking "hate."

Let me just simply say these few points to reflect our church's beliefs:

Jesus loves gay people and so do we.
God created sexual intimacy for the confines of marriage.
Marriage was created by God for a man and a woman.

The point of this message is to say that ALL expressions of sexuality outside of marriage are contrary to God's created will for people. As a church, we stand opposed to pre-marital and extra-marital sexuality of any form.

So with that said, I also want to reaffirm that I love gay people and even have some gay friends. That's why I feel deep sadness that there are people in this world who will never experience God-honoring sexual intimacy because the door to heterosexual marriage is closed to them. At the same time, I feel deep admiration for those (like one of my gay friends) who have willingly adopted a celibate lifestyle rather than dishonor God's created plan for marriage.

As a church, we believe it is not hateful to help people find fulfillment in becoming what they were created to be.
Reviewer: Futuristfood - - December 18, 2012
Subject: more hate